TEN_Liften Coopman


3D parametric models for Brussels subway

For a large MIVB project to upgrade all subway stations in Brussels, TEN translated the existing 2D AutoCAD based drawings of the Coopman elevators into 3D parametric models.
These 3D models are parameter driven to improve the efficiency and reduce the time between receiving layout plans of the station and delivering the elevator drawings.

The detailed elevator drawings are used by Coopman in 3 phases:

  • To show MIVB architects the look & feel of the new elevator in the right environment in a preliminary phase
  • After approval and receiving the exact measurements of the elevator shaft the updated drawings are used for the construction and implementation of the elevators
  • Finally the deviations during construction are collected in the as built drawings, which are included in the construction dossier

The initial 2D drawing time was cut in half while the drawings generated from the 3D model now show much more detail and rendered views.
During the project the 3D model was further optimized to allow an extra 25% reduction of hours.