FLIR manufactures various types of cameras that are deployed for traffic monitoring purposes. The cameras need to undergo a variety of tests to ensure smooth operation when deployed to their environment. Leakage test calibers and air pressure applied to the exterior are used to test the cameras’ air tightness. 


Using the 3D model of the camera as a guideline, a plastic block is milled out. This shape is later used to consistently deploy the camera according to the ‘poka yoke’ principle. Should any visual and optical tests be required in addition to the pressure test, these will be taken into account by providing additional connections in the caliber. This way, these tests can be performed simultaneously. 

The calibers ensure that the operator can perform the checks very simply, and in way that is guaranteed to be correct. 


FLIR not only entrusts the engineering part to TEN agency, but the follow-up, as well. All components are being produced by our known suppliers, while standard components are ordered. When the leakage test calibers are delivered, FLIR will be getting a finished product of controlled quality. Within the proposed budget and the agreed time period.