Liften Coopman was commissioned by the MVIB-STIB project in Brussels to replace its oldest elevators with a new standard model. In addition to replacing the old elevators, new elevators will be installed in all stations with little or no disabled facilities.

Make it

For this project, TEN agency converted all of Coopman's old 2D drawings into a 3D parametric model. This parametric model, many components of which are controlled by a form, significantly increased efficiency. To begin with, less time is lost between obtaining the station plans and approving the production drawings. 

Coopman also uses the lift plans in various phases of the project: 

  • to get STIB approval for the look and feel during the preliminary study phase, when technical details such as the position of the engine, the location of the control unit and the orientation of the access doors are verified; 
  • after the design gets approved and the architect has determined the exact dimensions for the implementation plans with which the parts will be produced; 
  • once the elevator has been delivered, the drawing file is added to the construction file as 'As Built'. 

The transition from 2D to 3D has cut total engineering time in half, while the new 2D drawings that are pulled from the 3D model offer much higher detail. 
In the course of the project, the 3D model was optimized even further, allowing an additional 25% of work and lead time to be achieved.