Development of a Laser Cleaning Machine. From POC to industrialized high-power product, with analysis and definition of the product architecture of units in different versions (integrated-fixed, compact-mobile, full option-mobile). 


In an initial phase, TEN performed a functional analysis of the existing POC assembly and a breakdown of the components in order to define a proper product architecture. The laser button being the most important part of the laser cleaning machine, a number of technical concepts were designed and validated for it. Based on input obtained during field visits and ergonomic studies, we were able to determine the required and desired features of the handheld. This resulted in the drawing of a general design of the handheld that translated the quality of the product into the desired look and feel. 


With a validated concept in hand, the TEN engineers were then able to perform the required heat management calculations by means of a cooled water circuit that runs through the various components of the handheld. They explored various techniques to design an optimally functioning handheld. Based on the ergonomic study linked to the different functionalities, the general shape of the different components of the housing was engineered. The result is an initial prototype which doesn’t just look good, but also meets all technical and ergonomic requirements, thanks to our integral product development approach.