Car headlight components require correct and accurate assembly to ensure their quality and watertightness. Vaskon designs and builds jigs that constitute a poka yoke tool in which it is impossible to place the components incorrectly for the follow-up step. Often different jigs are used in succession to add new components correctly each time. A new series requires a new set of jigs.


Designing a jig begins with a baseplate on which support components are placed. A part of the headlamp can only be placed on the baseplate in a single, unique way.   If the assembly of specific components should require force to be applied at a later stage, supports are provided to avoid damage to the parts. The jig consists of both a fixed part and a hinging part. This ensures that pressure is applied to the components in the intended places, to make a snap connection correctly, for example. A blocking system and a sensor ensure that the hinge movement must be fully executed to guarantee the quality of the finished product.