In order to improve the competitiveness of its balancing division, BPG’s balancing team decided to develop standard balancing machines together. Highly competitive pricing, excellent reliability and short lead times are just some of the features of the machines under development.

For its range of standard machines, the management team is seeking to create a look and feel that can be applied to all machines within the balancing division. A general description of corporate identity requirements is collected in a design specification.


In order to translate Bepco's market position as a high-end manufacturer of balancing machines into a fitting corporate identity, TEN agency first conducted a competitive analysis linked to the external design features of each competitor. On that basis, an initial concept line was mapped out, a corporate identity applicable to the entire portfolio of horizontal and vertical balancing machines. Next, a design guide is used to assess its feasibility with the various stakeholders. 


The general design guide for all Bepco balancing machines was applied to a first balancing machine. In addition to the machine’s physical properties, footprint and moving parts, the operator’s ‘process flow’ and various touch points, as well as the maintenance, services and proper UX/UI design of the machine were also taken into account during development. In developing the machine's housing, TEN agency took into account several requirements that included global simplicity of production, a small footprint, as few parts as possible and a modular design. The resulting design was presented at the trade show and garnered considerable praise. As a consequence, the general design has already been applied to some of Burke Porter Group’s other machines.