Leveling system

Rolled profile with two suspension points on top and bottom

Letterop was looking for an innovative way to assemble and fix façade banners in combination with a new look. The solution? A rolled profile, a leveling system whereby the banner is hung above and below 2 suspension points. Per profile there is a set of screws to get tension on the banner. The banner can be hung smoothly with the same stress distribution of the system (without tension folds) and can easily be hung up in 10 minutes after attachment to the wall. This is a patent pending system.

In comparison with the current façade banners on the market, the Notis system is a true relief in installation and design. Only one tool is required to put tension on the fabric. The tension is therefore guaranteed and permanent.

What are the advantages?

  • Easy to install
  • Self-adjusting, adaptable
  • Tight design
  • Innovative
"Thanks to TEN, we were able to transform a basic idea into an innovative and marketable product."
Nic Gheeraert