Flexible lighting


After TEN and Elasta experimented with stretchable lighting applications for the first time under the working title 'Guardian Angel', both companies are proud to present the successor: FLUX | flexible lighting.

FLUX was developed on the basis of an exclusive production technique from Elasta with which conductive yarn can be applied in a durable way in a flexible textile carrier. On this carrier, individually controllable LEDs can be installed via a production line developed by TEN. The belt retains its original flexibility after this process and can therefore be integrated in a wide range of applications in unique ways.

The current production process can be tailored to each new application. Not only the elastic band and the carrier can be adjusted to your own taste, desire and need, also the length of the band, the number of LEDs and the lighting scheme are fully customizable. This makes FLUX a model of flexibility, versatility and adaptability.

Wondering how FLUX can also be integrated into your products or services?
Contact us for more information at info@flux-lighting.be.


Who is who?

Elasta specializes in various types of fabrics, both elastic and non-elastic. The most important markets of Elasta are the textile and furniture sector. Each time unique products are designed for various industrial sectors. The possibilities reach miles away thanks to the presence of a wide range of products, methods and techniques. Each product is created through close cooperation with the customer (info@elasta.be).

TEN develops manufacturable and market-ready products for its customers. In the development of a new product, Product Designers always start from innovative ideas. Creative innovation that is tested against reality and practical feasibility. With this information, Mechanical Engineers get started to come up with market-ready, innovative solutions, while Project Managers follow up on a project from A to Z and adjust if necessary. In this way, TEN meets the challenges of customers with unique and tailor-made solutions.