Management is an important part of Product Development. During the first phases of a project, Management always manages budgets and timing, both of the project as of the concept to be elaborated. Timing and budget are always clear deliverables recorded in the definition and specification phase. In the ideation phase, Management will bring along the external resources and competences that are needed to manage as well as the latest production techniques and evolutions. Within the realization phase, Management is responsible for the optimal materialisations of the technically elaborated concept. Sourcing can be done on a national and international scale.

Differents aspects of Management are:

  • Executing feasibility studies
  • Drafting budgets
  • Setting up timing
  • Write out offers
  • Analyzing and aligning¬†offers
  • Placing orders
  • Practical follow-up of:
    • Realisations
    • Suppliers
  • Completion of the/realisation

Our own developed methodology exists from 5 phases:

  • Definition
  • Specification
  • Ideation
  • Realisation
  • Evolution

Management has a supportive and guiding function during the first phases of the design process. During the realization, Management takes 100% the lead. Management is also responsible for all communication between customer, design team and suppliers.